“Defending me from all sides, I wandered like a wolf, in the midst of many dogs. I, like in between two armies, put myself as the limit; I stood enclosing both in a solid shield, and I have not allowed any of them to win unjustly “

What to do when you want to “change the world” and you have the conviction that you know and you can do it?

What to do when dreams and efforts, that clash with reality, seem untouchable?

When failures and defeats start building up and you even begin doubting not just your own abilities and possibilities, but even your values and beliefs?

And when you realize that not only we don’t know how to change the world, but the world itself seems not to notice us?

And when, numb and confused, we come back to our senses and we realize that we are unconsciously giving up. And the world… is changing us!

Here the Awareness reawaken us. And then…

We scream. Or better… we Howl!!!

And our howling recalls other ones.

Other free thinkers, apparently dreamers, who want to stay free of thought.

That’s how the Branco Bianco was born!

This is our digital space that wants to be an “Expressive portal” open to everyone who wants to put their own talent into action.

Join the Branco Bianco, howl with us and give your contribution!


Together we could and would know how to influence the world, trying to make it better. Like many other free thinkers from the past, remembered as dreamers, heretics or utopians.

“To give voice to the unheeded one must use Art”
Raffaele Tovazzi

Are Chinese all the same?

But do “Chinese” all really look the same? Is there any scientific study at the base of this stereotype?
Which social phenomena can be at the base of the homogenization of beauty standards? Let’s discover it together!

The Blank Page

We have changed the paper sheet with the digital one. Ready to be turned off in a moment and get lost forever.

Jesus: the first modern coach in the history of mankind

The figure of the coach seems to have become a trend, but where does it arise from? What are the parallelisms with the Socratic method? And again: is there any connection between Socrates and Jesus? Did the last one really exist?

The day in which the man contradicted himself

Our perception is based on duality: something is or isn’t. Aristotle named this logical principle “principle of non-contradiction” and we humans have put it as the foundation for our building of knowledge. We shiver, then, because the duality, as we logically conceive it, has come to its extinction. A short juvenile essay written for a contest of the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa that gives a sparkle of light on a scientific theory on the concept of “soul”.

On mankind’s slavery

Does free will exist? If it does, what is its range? To all these questions, countless Free Thinkers searched for an answer, but it seems they reached no solution. Here it is, in this publication, a revolutionary theory that could mark a turning point on the problem of free will. Are you ready to face this journey through the maze?

I think

I feel that our soul is something so marvelously complex.
Beware of the attempt to understand it, it can be a complex and exciting voyage already on its own. Love and hate, black and white that coexist in the entity of the man.

Untitled poetry for unrequited love

Love sometimes tears the title even to a poem. And it remains there, inert, hoping to be brought back to life by an unknown reader. Discover the emotion and resurrect the lost love.

The thought from the road

A reflection on the nature of evil

Burning Flame

As a child, you are so carefree that you are able to express yourself in such a free and authentic way as never again. Here is a drawing of my childhood that retraces the memories of the past by illustrating the flame that shines inside each of us!

On the monopoly of emotions and the chains of will

We are at war. An invisible war for the control of our emotions. Our authentic personality is unconsciously chained every day by our selves. The first defence weapon is conscience. Here it is, enclosed in a synthetic Italian research, everything you need to know on how to avoid staying machines before it’s too late.

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