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White Wolves
About us

We are born from a group of young people, little more than in their twenties who think they have something to say. But above all… to do! Unlike so many of our peers who are lost or among the labyrinths of the annihilation of personality represented by social networks or between the sweet consolation of pure speculation.

We took the first steps as “loose wolves” within packs that we felt like strangers, leaving to our own free initiative, paths to take, initiatives to undertake. We tried to adapt, to even out our selves but…the call to freedom, first of all the freedom of thought, was, and is, too strong! They fought us, punished us. They tried to “train” us, to tame us.

Looking around, reflecting ourselves in a mirror, we realized that… we were different! We didn’t have the dark or speckled fur, like everyone else. We were… White!

They have, we have marginalized ourselves. And then we moved away from those “compliant” packs to which we didn’t feel to belong.

We howled at the moon, like lone wolves. And like all lonely beings, we have suffered deep and lacerating solitude. And with loneliness it came the fear. But as always happens in this wonderful Universe of ours, nothing happens by chance; in the silence, the howling of other outcasts echoed and… we called each other, searched for each other and gathered in a new pack where not all of us are necessarily young but… we are all white!


That’s how the Branco Bianco was born!



You can tame dogs with food, men with money, but no one can tame wolves!
From the anime "Wolf's rain"

The First White Wolves

The first howls called themselves unconsciously and found each other still sixteen. Moved by great will and ambition, they gathered in a group, which they called “I Risvegliati” (“The Awakened”) creating a real Manifesto of intent. Then, the need, perhaps unaware, to create the pack to protect themselves. ‘’Diventaquellochesei’’ (“BecomeWhatYouAre”) was born, borrowing the Nietzsche thinking. First steps, perhaps a little too ambitious appearing almost presumptuous or clumsy. But in truth, those were nothing but CRIES OF REBELLION towards a life they felt it didn’t belong to them. Other white wolves, with a few more miles of life behind, have gathered their howling and… joined the group, engaging themselves too in investigating the great mysteries of life with an open mind.

This is our Story:

Founders Wolves:

Stephen Wolf

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I’ve always felt a Nordic spirit. The six idyllic years of permanence in the modern land of the Germans dug into the depths of my heart and there, they nurtured the small tree of youth. Then, I ended up from the land of barbarians to the land of the multifarious culture. The ancient, almost archetypal, Sicily raised in me the passion for the paranormal. I travelled on the subtle wire of the edges of science, trying to broaden my horizons. “What if what is now considered paranormal is nothing but the science of tomorrow?”, I wondered. From those times of researcher of “Truth”, it was triggered in me a great vortex that made my interests change from the paranormal to esotericism, from esotericism to the spiritual. Everything still bound by an invisible methodical thread of science and philosophy. I moved as lone wolf in the land of the (Gauls) Insubri, there, with the gaze in the gloomy and reflective waters of a lake, grew in me the will to howl. At that moment rose in me the idea of a Portal that could be a megaphone to amplify all the Talents of the young White Wolves scattered on the surface of the globe. They called me Stefano Leonardi and this is my story.

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Wolf Lorenzo

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I am a prince, a free prince who is moved by the aspiration to become sovereign of himself, engraving himself by forging his own values. A warrior who makes out of versatility and flexibility, the cutting blades with which face the time in a duel. A knight who acts according to virtue, consciously relying on his instinct to ride into the unknown. A Ranger who travels in his inner self, from the outer and emotional part to the deepest and introspective one, abandoning himself to himself and abandoning himself. A pirate who sails in the storm of thoughts and ideas that rain in his head, who lives the danger that animates his essence until he finds himself painting the waves on which he was riding. A magician who, thanks to his synesthesia, is able to dress the emotional spark with the tools of knowledge and technique. A musician who, to reconcile the aesthetic beauty of sound with the sacral depth of vibrations, is able to immerse himself in the evocative silence until he hears the thrill. This is what I am and what I want to be, two aspects that overlap up to coinciding in the same thing: myself. They called me Lorenzo Iannuzzo and this is my story.

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Wolf Kevin

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I am a wolf that since childhood has always been different from the usual wolves, this because of my strong emotionality and sensibility that have always guided me beyond: towards a strong instinct, that unlike the usual wolves, took me to the moon, in search of knowledge, interior and exterior. I have always been curious and spontaneous and, these two instruments, I have investigated them with the experience both in the virtues and in the vices. A flame has always flared within me, and it’s this flame that has led me to meet in my journey some fellow travellers, and to form the Branco Bianco together. I perceive a strong connection with nature, in which I go to search for “the origin”. My research has no limits, no dogmas, and it is connected to strong values that flood my essence. They called me Kevin Josuè Guzzetti and this is my story.

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Wolf Federico

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I always had a curious spirit, the desire to explore the different and the novelty accompanies me daily. The same curiosity that I see as a fundamental engine of my life, has led me to collide several times with both the structure on which the society is built, and with myself, having the need to create an inner structure that allows me to give an order to experience; something that curiosity complicates at first because, in a certain sense, it requires you to continually break free from the frames and the preordained structures. Now I’m looking for the tools to give an order to the chaos of thoughts and ideas and put into action all that is still in potential. I have met other extraordinary individuals who share with me this research and I look forward to finding likewise because I believe that with everyone there is a wonderful opportunity for confrontation and mutual exchange. They called me Federico Bello and this is my story.

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Wolf Isabella

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Who am I? Well, I’m a mediator, a polyglot, a traveller, an endless Romantic, a fighter. My life is a continuous voyage through different cultures, each with its own language and traditions, and my job is to approach them with an open mind, understand them and experience them on my own skin. My travels go all the way up to the Far East and they later teleport to many imaginary, faraway, exotic and fantastic worlds too, where to live a thousand adventures just by leafing through the pages of a great novel, that maybe one day it will hide a world of my own. Enthusiasm, creativity, curiosity, empathy: that’s what I am. Too much to have just one name, originally Iside and here in Italy…

They called me Isabella Iannuzzo and this is my story.

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White Wolves:

Wolf Ermetico

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Persecuted by the number 13 and unable to explain that fine line that divides one’s rationality from his madness; predisposed to music meant as a universal language, disturbed by the deep groove that the Man dug between himself and the rest of Nature; marvelously alone, he pays the price for the distance that separates him from a society he understands but that he can’t justify; and so he moves light on the folds of conscience, like a sponge he absorbs emotions in the forgotten corners of the deepest Self; in silence he re-elaborates the details, and as the word melts, the image becomes faded, as a mincer he turns many things into a single glob. Ermetico Sette is this, a totality of reasoned madness, of suffering joy, of furious calm, of shy arrogance, a mirror only able to reflect the occult. He’s no man, he’s no woman, he’s no from nor concept, maybe a memory, surely he’s the aspiration to become a modern alchemist, a wizard without powers, a baby too old to be pure. Ruthless with the others and indulgent with himself, he breaths and feeds of short moments in which he almost reaches the greatness of Everything while never really understanding it. Ermetico Sette is composed of 13 letters, like the hours on his watch, like the number of the seed planted in that wood in which the White Wolves finally find a home and run away no more. Never again. I called myself Ermetico Sette and this is my story.

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Wolf Donato

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I’m a lone wolf,

a wolf that stops to admire the brook for hours, identifying itself with the water, with the sound, with its no-colour and no-flavour. I seek and investigate everything that I can draw from it and understand, subjugate and with the sensations combined with the infinite thought… dance.

As Dante did, without moving from his lair and only with the help of his pen, as he descended into hell to later come back.

I am alone at the foot of my favourite tree, the cypress. With its ability to brindle many little flames that all in one form the greatest one that stretches to the sky, the sun and the stars. I love watching, in the same way, the ultimate beast. The man, the wise that with his superior intelligence is able to kill for pride, envy or worse, for vile money. The wise masked as the “Madman” that chooses and wears his favourite mask but that unlike it, he has no intention to get rid of it. The Beast that kills by stoning or by heartache. The Schopenhauer man, that behind the vile and modern sentence “it’s my thought, it’s my opinion” hides, observes, manipulates and enjoys the result of his Arrows, life destroyers. Treacherous, hypocritical and creeping deceiver, he attacks the Child part of each of us. I am the simple and perpetual scream of “Aylan” on a loveless wilderness, full of Death.

They called me Donato Fratto. In my name, it dwells my destiny. This is my story.

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Wolf Raffaella

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I am

Rainbow that traps light

Night that hides her jealously

Cold that freezes it

Torrid heat that fades it.

I am Primordial explosion that spreads it

Circle in the water that breaks it

Circle in the oak trunk that will never see it

Fire that if it destroys it creates it.

I am The time, mother and stepmother who

He looks after it

Envy He suffocates her

He can’t turn it off It traps it in a crystal prism

He abuses it to ignite a grain of sand.

I am The rain that drowns it

Amber that shines without merit

The insect that failed to escape it.

They called me Raffaella Ucci and this is my story.

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Lupo Dario

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Nacqui nella città Eterna, madre di filosofi e condottieri. Sono cresciuto in una famiglia che mi ha fatto apprezzare il valore dell’onestà, della cultura, dell’arte e della famiglia. Ho avuto un’infanzia spensierata e un’adolescenza anche migliore dove i miei compagni erano Platone, Erich Fromm, Alberto Moravia, Italo Svevo. Con l’età adulta e l’ingresso nel mondo del lavoro persi tutte le abitudini virtuose, come la buona lettura e il libero pensiero, insomma riprendendo un verso della Divina Commedia di Dante: “la diritta via era smarrita”! La crisi fu profonda e radicale e colpì perfino la sfera più intima dello spirito, privandomi anche della fede. La rinascita, così come la chiamo io, avvenne in
occasione dei miei 41 anni. Già da tempo mi chiedevo se fosse possibile che la Vita fosse tutta qui, cioè un frenetico susseguirsi di azioni pervase da fuochi fatui che brillano nel buio del nulla. Fu la fede per prima a riaccendere in me la scintilla primordiale cognitiva che mi permise di alimentare la fiamma che arde in me della sete di conoscenza. Da allora, con curiosità, mi sono sempre posto in antitesi di pensiero con me stesso, non fossilizzandomi in stereotipi facili, analizzando la realtà da più punti di vista, creando così una pluralità di pensieri che non necessariamente si escludano a vicenda, ma che spesso possono essere complementari. Ho solo due legami profondi: con la mia famiglia e con la natura. Ho solo una grande missione: servire il prossimo.

Mi hanno chiamato Dario Muraca e questa è la mia storia.

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Why Branco Bianco

Wolves are brave, chasing the chamois on the steepest slopes of the mountain, where the man risks at every step of killing himself. Wolves are sharp, they go up the avalanches in search of dead animals and walk in a single line on the snow, retracing the footsteps of the companions to make less effort. Wolves are free: they only bow down to the laws of the pack, but when there is no more place among the brothers they embrace the solitary life and go in search of new spaces.

Carlo Grande

We believe that an open mind is indispensable to investigate the great mysteries of life. We believe that an essential source for one’s own growth is observation through different perspectives. We see the truth as a sculpture: from the more perspectives you look at it, the more you can grasp its essence and the deeper your vision will be. In a pack every wolf has its position, as well as its role; it watches the world from multiple points. Only the Branco (the Italian word for “pack”), in its entirety, manages to have an overview. And that’s why every wolf is the protagonist in the same way. We felt rejected, because those who follow the path of knowledge and self-realization must first pass from the shadows; just like Ulysses, in his path towards the knowledge, when he finds himself in front of the Mountain of Purgatory, and is swallowed down in the depths of the waters; and then, on his awakening, in Hell, in the Realm of Shadows. But we believe the shadow to be transient or son of the perspective of the individual. But a “pack” sees from more perspectives. Or maybe the shadow is a challenge to prove the determination of the White Wolf.


For a long time, I felt lonely and helpless, moving away from the howling of the other packs to survive. Until, raising my eyes to the sky, I perceived the call of the moon. Answering in silence, I howled unwittingly recalling other White Wolves, outcasts like me: my real family. That’s how the Branco Bianco was born.

Stephen Wolf

The howling of every wolf must be a sharing of its own being and of its own talent that brings to the pack other White Wolves and increases the value of the group. Every wolf is different, but everyone has preferred to choose their own freedom and to manifest it bravely howling to the moon. We believe a White Wolf never dies. And even when he leaves the body, the pack will be strengthened and will guard its spirit and works. And, howling in one voice, it will summon more “similar beings”. Each newcomer has within himself part of the spirit of the wolves passed to another world.

BRANCO (= Wolf’s pack, in Italian), a word that, in our time, evokes only negative thoughts and negative images. A derogatory that connotes groups of “living beings”

BIANCO (= White, in Italian), the colour of purity. The non-colour, in truth generated by the union of primary colours. Bright par excellence, it contains all the colours of the electromagnetic spectrum.

“Man is what he believes”
Anton Cechov

The world in which we live daily has been preset by higher hierarchical levels and by their use and manipulation of communication to “create fields of thought skillfully constructed to divert the human mind from the perfect focus and localization of reality “(the so-called mainstream thought). The important thing, for the higher summits, is to create a reality of consensus and to produce a reality easy to narrate, one that is to be presented to the people in the most credible possible way.

As we gradually begin to understand reality and how it manifests, the mysteries of life, insoluble for religions and the conventional science, everything become much less impenetrable. Not realizing this reality means relying on dogma. But strict dogma equals to closed-mind. It means being in the grip of illusion. This situation cannot last forever because dogma survives only if no one puts it into question.

What we are looking for

We are looking for White Wolves ready to feel part of the herd, receiving the protection and sharing of the same herd. We are looking for those who want to be part of something bigger, who are willing to share their identity without any masks and who have strength and willingness to share and make available a part of themselves to others.






even furious.

But especially dubious!

Anyone who dares is a White Wolf. But maybe, he still doesn’t know!

Excluding… querulous, rancorous, tedious and envious ones!


Joining the Branco Bianco means not feeling lonely anymore and howling in unison. Maybe it will be easier to be heard!!!

Our dream …oops! Project

Pursuing a dream is a Utopia.

“U-topos”, beyond space and time.

Living in contact with the Soul is a Utopia

because it’s a state that ignores space and time.

Rediscovering the connection with one’s Soul is the condition to return to the “Primordial State”, to the One, going back to being what we really are


We are dreamers but convinced that any dream could become reality. We do not want to change the world and humanity, but simply understand what we have lost that… should not have been lost. Perhaps, by doing so, we will improve the world and humanity.

We want to build a “community”, for now only virtual, in which every White Wolf can find its own lair.

We want to plan, all together, because by sharing the same values and principles, we will be able to realize them into useful actions that can and know how to make a difference.

We want to help each other grow, dealing together with those “shadows” that everyone sees and that sometimes seem like insurmountable barriers. But they are nothing but “fears” to be faced or maybe they are just the other side of Light!

We do not have to resort to dogmas to find answers to the many questions.

We want to get out of that spell in which we are growing, questioning everything, if necessary. Even the educational systems. But with the sole intent of building better coexistences. And therefore… a better world.

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