I think,
I feel,

that our soul is something so marvelously complex. In a moment, it enjoys living intensely, rejoicing of the positive emotions that it receives from the others and that it offers to the others without pretending anything. It rejoices in giving comfort and relieving, where it may, some little suffering.

At other times, it seems to be lost in silence. And the more it loses itself in the silence of his mind, the more this loves it and it loves to get lost in it so much, that it desires for itself all this as the only reality in which it is his will to perpetrate, consume and exist.

In silence, which often silence is not, but which appears as such because it delves into the depths of our self; and the more he digs, the more he discovers new realities, emotions and ideas of which he was unaware of owning.
Love the infinite: love the mystery that around it persists with the intensity of who observes a beautiful funeral monument, covered by a blanket of questions without an answer on topic unknown to us; and now, in that silence, they born and live questions that get closer to the world that doesn’t exist.
Who am I? Where will I go? How will I do it? Will it be forever?! Or maybe it will all be as one with no memories and no sense!

Maybe I’ll come back, without any memory, in the mundane reality of someone else that already lives inside of me and that maybe has already suggested me every answer.

Who am I? And what can I choose in this life? Does my path already exist? Is my journey marked by memories and Déjà-vu?


Wolf Donato

On the monopoly of emotions and the chains of will

We are at war. An invisible war for the control of our emotions. Our authentic personality is unconsciously chained every day by our selves. The first defence weapon is conscience. Here it is, enclosed in a synthetic Italian research, everything you need to know on how to avoid staying machines before it’s too late.

The day in which the man contradicted himself

Our perception is based on duality: something is or isn’t. Aristotle named this logical principle “principle of non-contradiction” and we humans have put it as the foundation for our building of knowledge. We shiver, then, because the duality, as we logically conceive it, has come to its extinction. A short juvenile essay written for a contest of the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa that gives a sparkle of light on a scientific theory on the concept of “soul”.

On mankind’s slavery

Does free will exist? If it does, what is its range? To all these questions, countless Free Thinkers searched for an answer, but it seems they reached no solution. Here it is, in this publication, a revolutionary theory that could mark a turning point on the problem of free will. Are you ready to face this journey through the maze?

Jesus: the first modern coach in the history of mankind

The figure of the coach seems to have become a trend, but where does it arise from? What are the parallelisms with the Socratic method? And again: is there any connection between Socrates and Jesus? Did the last one really exist?

Are Chinese all the same?

But do “Chinese” all really look the same? Is there any scientific study at the base of this stereotype?
Which social phenomena can be at the base of the homogenization of beauty standards? Let’s discover it together!

The Blank Page

We have changed the paper sheet with the digital one. Ready to be turned off in a moment and get lost forever.

Untitled poetry for unrequited love

Love sometimes tears the title even to a poem. And it remains there, inert, hoping to be brought back to life by an unknown reader. Discover the emotion and resurrect the lost love.

On déjà-vu and the prescience phenomenon

Recent researches have brought to light that 60% of the world’s population has had a déjà-vu at least once in their lives. But what lies behind this strange phenomenon? For the first time in Italy, here it is a complete and exhaustive research about it. Will you be ready to face this path to the “Truth”?

Burning Flame

As a child, you are so carefree that you are able to express yourself in such a free and authentic way as never again. Here is a drawing of my childhood that retraces the memories of the past by illustrating the flame that shines inside each of us!

I think

I feel that our soul is something so marvelously complex.
Beware of the attempt to understand it, it can be a complex and exciting voyage already on its own. Love and hate, black and white that coexist in the entity of the man.

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