The thought from the road

A publication by Wolf Donato

From the question “Which picture saddened you the most to the point of moving you?



These are the images of evil. Pure, ruthless, true, because you can see its intensity in the eyes of its Victims. Strong, because it is able to change forever the life, provided to have been spared, of those who are victims of it.

Intense and imperishable, like a deep wound, that even when healed, it will leave forever the signs of its passage.

Why does he strike an innocent?

Because he finds in the innocent his greatest outburst, his intensely abducting senses and emotions generating a decompensation in reality for the reality itself.

It also and above all strikes (as you can see) those people who cannot expect it. Today we all know the faces of the petty men of the war in Sarajevo: perched like hawks, in search of their prey, the snipers hit them mercilessly.

They threw lead splinters as confetti at a feast: the feast of the dead. Their victims weren’t “Military targets” (also called people, men, souls at the service of a country), but simple civilians, innocent, helpless, with the sole fault of having passed under the gaze of the rapacious assassin and attacker.

The Man. Beast par excellence.

What is evil then? The luck of good?

But shouldn’t the absence of “good” be indifference? Often more treacherous and cruel than evil, but not evil by definition. The absence of good doesn’t have to generate, but must rather mark the absence of something.

The evil, however, I think is a separate entity with its own generation and regeneration present in some people often healthy carriers, as long as everything turns to their will.

The seed of evil is beyond that of good and, as always in the man who reacts better to negativity than positivity, one can objectively affirm that in them it will find more fertility.

The evil is not containable and we do not want to quantify it for fear of discovering that it is far superior… to the good.

Wolf Donato

“The bestiality of animals derives from an instinct for survival, that of man from pure cruelty, often accompanied by the taste for hurting”

Emanuela Breda

On the monopoly of emotions and the chains of will

We are at war. An invisible war for the control of our emotions. Our authentic personality is unconsciously chained every day by our selves. The first defence weapon is conscience. Here it is, enclosed in a synthetic Italian research, everything you need to know on how to avoid staying machines before it’s too late.

The thought from the road

A reflection on the nature of evil

Jesus: the first modern coach in the history of mankind

The figure of the coach seems to have become a trend, but where does it arise from? What are the parallelisms with the Socratic method? And again: is there any connection between Socrates and Jesus? Did the last one really exist?

The Blank Page

We have changed the paper sheet with the digital one. Ready to be turned off in a moment and get lost forever.

Burning Flame

As a child, you are so carefree that you are able to express yourself in such a free and authentic way as never again. Here is a drawing of my childhood that retraces the memories of the past by illustrating the flame that shines inside each of us!

Untitled poetry for unrequited love

Love sometimes tears the title even to a poem. And it remains there, inert, hoping to be brought back to life by an unknown reader. Discover the emotion and resurrect the lost love.

The day in which the man contradicted himself

Our perception is based on duality: something is or isn’t. Aristotle named this logical principle “principle of non-contradiction” and we humans have put it as the foundation for our building of knowledge. We shiver, then, because the duality, as we logically conceive it, has come to its extinction. A short juvenile essay written for a contest of the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa that gives a sparkle of light on a scientific theory on the concept of “soul”.

On déjà-vu and the prescience phenomenon

Recent researches have brought to light that 60% of the world’s population has had a déjà-vu at least once in their lives. But what lies behind this strange phenomenon? For the first time in Italy, here it is a complete and exhaustive research about it. Will you be ready to face this path to the “Truth”?

Are Chinese all the same?

But do “Chinese” all really look the same? Is there any scientific study at the base of this stereotype?
Which social phenomena can be at the base of the homogenization of beauty standards? Let’s discover it together!

On mankind’s slavery

Does free will exist? If it does, what is its range? To all these questions, countless Free Thinkers searched for an answer, but it seems they reached no solution. Here it is, in this publication, a revolutionary theory that could mark a turning point on the problem of free will. Are you ready to face this journey through the maze?

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